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Semen contains a protein called keratin. It’s the same protein found in your fingernails and hair, and it’s essential for their health. It keeps your hair smoother and easier to manage. A decrease in the keratin in your body is associated with hair loss, roughness, dryness and thin hair. Excessive masturbating causes you to lose that valuable keratin, and without keratin, your hair becomes thin and brittle. Additionally, too much self-pleasuring can dry out your scalp and make your head feel itchy because of the lack of keratin. When you practice semen retention, you find that your hair becomes thicker, more lush and your scalp feels better.

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Because semen retention boosts your testosterone levels, it can help to alleviate depression. You need to have optimal levels of testosterone for mental well-being. In fact, people with low levels of testosterone often don’t respond to antidepressant medications.

When study participants were given testosterone in addition to their medication, they responded well to the combination.
Aside from the physical boost provided by testosterone, there are often problems with people feeling guilty following masturbation. When that happens repeatedly, it trains the brain to respond with frustration and self-reproach each time you masturbate. It’s a feedback loop that can have serious negative consequences as it affects your emotions and self-image.


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Low testosterone levels are associated with a reduction in sleep duration, poorer sleep quality, frequently waking up through the night and disturbance while sleeping. Maintaining optimal testosterone levels will improve your overall quality of sleep, and with more and better sleep, you also produce more testosterone. Another virtuous circle in action.

In fact, men who sleep less than five or six hours a night have as much as 10 percent less testosterone in their bodies. That’s a big difference that semen retention can help to resolve.


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Because your semen contains numerous essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, citric acid, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, zinc, lactic acid and Vitamin B12, among others, it offers tremendous support for your immune system.

These nutrients are powerful antioxidants.
Antioxidants work to protect your cells from the damaging effects of free radicals. Free radicals produce inflammation in your body, and inflammation is linked to a number of diseases such as arthritis, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

These essential vitamins and minerals support your immune system’s efforts to keep you healthy by helping to reduce inflammation. When you ejecaculate, these nutrients are expelled and your body needs time and resources to build them up again.


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Trainers in all kinds of sports have long advocated abstaining from sex before a sporting event. Like many others, they feel that engaging in sex, and more specifically ejaculating, weakens your performance. As we’ve seen, there are a number of nutrients in sperm, and by expelling them and expending energy, you weaken your body for a while following ejaculation.

Many athletes say that they feel more powerful, alert and focused when they don’t engage in any kind of sexual activity before an event. That results in a better performance on the field. Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson are two well-known, successful athletes who made it their practice to abstain from sex prior to a fight.


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For semen to be considered healthy, the World Health Organization puts the lowest level of semen volume at 1.5 milliliters per ejaculation. The ejaculate volume is significant since it affects the concentration of sperm.

It was previously suggested that semen volume following abstinence indicated a low semen quality; however, in 23 out of 24 studies conducted on semen volume following abstinence, there was evidence for a considerable increase in semen volume.

The last study didn’t find a decline in volume; rather, it found no significant change. Several of these studies also noted higher testosterone levels following prolonged periods of abstinence. The thinking is that it may be the stimulation of higher testosterone levels that is responsible for increased semen volume


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If you remember being a teenage boy, you know how much of your time can be taken up with masturbation and thoughts of sexual desire. This might still be the case for you even though you’re a grown man.

If you’re engaging in masturbation and excessive sexual activity, you know that it takes a lot of your time. That’s time you could be spending on other activities that can enhance your professional career as well as your spiritual growth and personal life in areas unrelated to your sexual desires. Just think about all the things you could get done if you cut out excessive sexual activity.


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What is this book you're reading and quoting on a daily basis?
Semen Retention Miracle: Secrets of Sexual Energy Transmutation for Wealth, Health, Sex and Longevity (Cultivating Male Sexual Energy)
Book by Joseph H. Peterson


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The concentration of sperm in the ejaculate is measured in millions per milliliter, and it is a critical indicator of semen quality. It is also a prognostic (predictable) factor for the fertility potential of the individual.

Twenty-two studies examined the effect of abstinence on sperm concentration, and twenty of those studies reported a significant increase in sperm concentration in subjects practicing prolonged periods of abstinence.
The greatest increase occurred in the first two to five days of abstinence, but there were still mild increases recorded with longer abstinence periods (those over seven days).

Studies have noted an increase in total sperm count, particularly with the first ejaculation following a period of abstinence. These studies also observed that serum testosterone levels peaked at 145 percent of the baseline level following the seventh day of abstinence. They also found that these elevated levels of testosterone remained constant into prolonged periods of abstinence.


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This is an important factor in determining male fertility. The sperm needs to be progressively motile to navigate the harsh environment of the female genital tract and reach the egg. Motility refers not only to the sperm’s ability to move but also to generate the driving force necessary to penetrate the egg.

Twelve studies that examined the relationship between abstinence and motility were conducted. Eight of them reported a significant increase in the total number of motile sperm, increasing during the abstinence period. The other four showed no significant difference. Between one and three days of abstinence, the number of motile sperm increased substantially, then that number remained stable between the fourth and seventh day. After the seventh day, there was another increase. After nine to ten days, the number gradually declined.

Ten studies investigated the effect of ejaculatory abstinence on progressive motility. Five of these determined a higher percentage of progressively motile sperm in subjects who were abstinent for less than a day. However, there may be some problems with analyzing this characteristic, given that there is a significant potential for counting and interpretation errors created by the misidentification of particulate debris as non-motile sperm. Other studies conducted with better identification methods found no significant difference in motility between the various study subjects.


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Eternity to unmasturbated bodies

Being extempore poet having written some such poems in an instant, here’s one on semen:

Penis is not the lord,
But like a honey coated sword,
You must save semen,
To be able to remain,
Powerful all the way,
And keep ill-effects at the bay,
Remain semen-nourished,
Have life flourished,
Do not masturbate at the least,
If penis looks fun, then also can be a ‘beast’,
Do not touch, look, or do anything,
As semen is your life and everything,
Be full of semen always,
Live life to the fullest,
Be strong by body and mind,
You will know and you will find,
Let semen remain in body forever,
Be happy for ever and ever,
What it will give in return,
That no one will be able to unturn,
The power that you will possess,
No one will be able to assess,
Go to the upper echelon,
And you won’t be touched upon,
You will be out of the worldly scrap,
And be there in heavenly rap,
Unlimited happiness will pour,
And the eternity will be your.