Finally, I'm doing this…


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day 45 (no po, no mo) monk mode.

Consider a person stops masturbating for a month or two. Gradually, he will then start developing his semen and so strengths back again. He may become overconfident and excited, and end up doing masturbation again thinking that he has gained lot of physical power again and may feel great with his body. Don’t fall prey to such feelings. Don’t do that mistake; otherwise one may have to restart again from where he left off earlier. If it takes six months to recover then wait for six months, otherwise the recovery will extend far beyond six months. One may think how someone can live without semen ejaculation for so long? Of course one can, many don’t ejaculate for long time and it’s not at all that difficult. A person needs to use some will power and that’s all. Just because a person is not able to visibly see the long term ill-effects of masturbation that’s why he is not serious about it. As soon as one understands the very short-lived pleasure with the very long-lived disadvantages of masturbation, it’s easy to see what outweighs, and that should help stop masturbations.

With lot of thinking, discussion, viewing, doing sex and masturbation, a person makes his conscious and subconscious mind used to it. That’s one of the reasons when a person is old, ill, weak or when his body can’t do sex for any reason, still the mind keeps asking for it, unless he feels complete and satisfied with sex in life.


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day 46 (no po, no mo) monk mode.

With so much of masturbation, men (and women) are degrading the health a lot by each passing day (to be precise, with each masturbation). Let’s see for a moment what can our future hold if everyone stops masturbation. But before we go there, we need to first prepare ourselves as below, at a minimum,

1. Forget and forgive – Until now, the true knowledge about semen had been disappearing fast from the world and was known by not many. Humans need to now use this knowledge going forward to wipe-out their past that was filled with various ill-effects due to masturbations. So look only ahead not behind. Future generations can be much better-off. No one should criticize those having pimples. Give them a chance to change now. They didn’t know about it until now. They even may have got misguided. The true knowledge has re-surfaced.

2. Stop or at least lower the worldwide open nudity – Men masturbate a lot after looking at the nudity of women.
Nudity creates profound effect on mind both consciously and unconsciously. It is good for both men and women to understand each other and hide the nudity at least from strangers or best is to keep it only with the spouse. This again depends and is entirely up to each culture, individual, and also the country-wise laws that govern it.

3. Stop masturbating: From now on completely stop masturbating regardless of what age a person is at.

4. Start educating about ill-effects of masturbation: Start educating the new generation from now itself about the negative effects of masturbation and that they should never masturbate. Tell them how it creates amazement, and then begins the never ending vicious cycle, so stay away and be happy. Penis is not meant for a person to use it by himself, but is meant for his wife (in terms of sex and obviously to give birth to children).


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day 51 (no po, no mo) monk mode.

Man I saw some wild stuff on Facebook today, it's still running through my head.

I wasn't looking for it tbh, it just popped up on my feed out of nowhere. I haven't used fb for months now, and the first time I log into it I get hit by this filth.
God help me, God help us all.
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day 52 (no po, no mo) monk mode.

Masturbation Has DANGEROUS Effects On Dopamine Levels! This is because it stimulates our dopamine center and dopamine is a drug and so excess amounts of dopamine will weaken and crash our nervous systems and then all kinds of debilitating symptoms will occur.



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Its alright brother, I hear you. I've looked at this nonsense well longer than that myself, and you're right, 3 months isn't going to change 10 or 10+ years of bad habits and addiction, it just doesn't work that way. However, minus my slips up over these last five years, I would gladly take this life over the former any day of the year. Is that an excuse to tell myself it's okay to relapse? Fuck no! But it is the facts of the matter. The life you and I are living, is still one hundred percent better than it was before where we were looking at porn like it was as normal as taking a shit in the morning.

It's okay brother. Keep moving forward. Be grateful for where you're at and the man you've become over these last two years or so.


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Merry Christmas man, we are here for you. We all know what it’s like to fall back into this stuff… and we all know that the sooner we get out of it the better we will feel. The temptation is that once you have messed up after a decent streak is “well I already messed up once, might as well enjoy a few more times before quitting again”, but that’s just a trap and will only make things worse. I know you have it in you to pull yourself out of this, you’ve done it before and can do it again.