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You’ll also experience more self-control and a greater sense of body awareness. This will definitely improve your sexual technique. Finally, semen retention also improves the quality of your sperm. They will have higher motility, and you’ll have more of them. That’s good news if you are trying to conceive.


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When thinking about the processes of cell division and new cell growth, it is important to view it from an economic perspective. The body has a certain amount of resources that are distributed to different processes, such as maintaining your current metabolic processes, helping your immune system fight off infections and new cell growth. You can always produce energy itself; however, there are more finite resources involved here, such as the essential nutrients we’ve discussed, which can be depleted. That’s a key way in which semen retention can be beneficial. It can redirect energetic resources to other areas of your body, and the resulting energy can act as jet fuel for your success in different areas of your life.

With this understanding of semen production and the energetic requirements for the process, it’s possible to look at ways in which you can utilize those resources in other areas of your life.


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Check this guy out, he's stating some facts, mainly he's talking about :
The biggest difference between doing nofap versus doing nofap AND not edging is that your sexual energy goes down (it doesn't circulate). Therefore, wet dreams and nervous system weakness and anxiety can occur. Wet dreams will happen because the mind is still activating the sexual energy and we are tuning our consciousness with it and this makes the energy go down. and get released. The nervous system weakness and restlessness is caused by the dopamine addiction. But relax. This is a never-ending evolution of subtlety. It’s a subjective and an individual process. There is some gray area here. Let intuition guide you and tell you when your attention is going too much into sexual thoughts, fantasies, staring at women too much, etc, and then let intuition tell you how to remedy this dilemma. And give yourself time and space to grow and evolve!


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A Pythagorean physician named Alemeon also claimed that semen, if properly conserved, would be transformed into nourishment for the brain.

They were not the only philosophers of their time to think like that. In fact, Aristotle, Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton and Beethoven are all examples of philosophers, creatives and highly successful people who practiced the concepts of semen retention. This is how transmutation applies to semen. You can harness this vital, creative life force and direct its energy toward other applications in your life. This doesn’t mean it can’t also be used for its purpose to create life and allow for sexual pleasure, but if it is not wasted, you can use that powerful energetic force in other areas as well.


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The brain and semen both contain high levels of chemicals such as sodium, magnesium, and lecithin, but one of the most important chemicals for our purposes here is phosphorus. The name phosphorus means “light-bringer,” and in fact, phosphorus does produce a fiery reaction when administered internally.

It stimulates the nervous system in a powerful way. Moreover, it’s essential for life since it’s an important component of DNA and other genetic material. Its action did not go unnoticed by early alchemists, either.
In fact, phosphorus is the “philosopher’s stone” that is the central symbol of alchemy. It is meant to symbolize the light within DNA and in nature.

So, the concept is rather simple. Because semen is high in phosphorus, if you conserve your semen, you’re conserving your phosphorus, and the brain can use it for generating fiery, creative energy. If you waste it, you will lose the opportunity to direct that fiery energy towards your external goals.

Conserving it means the brain gets to use it. That doesn’t mean you have to refrain from having sex altogether, but the act of sex should be an opportunity to unite two souls; it should be cherished and respected. If you conserve your semen for those sacred unions, at other times, that energy is available for productive uses.


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One should never push too much or beyond personal acceptable limits to preserve semen regardless of any circumstances. This may sound opposite to what’s being said all the way in this book, but let’s first understand what it really means.

We already saw the need and importance of long-stored natural-state semen in the body and how one must follow various principles. Inconsistencies in any of that may lead to nightfall. Though that does not mean if nightfall happens, it will balance out the inconsistencies in a man’s body and mind, because, semen ejaculation is a loss and invites negative effects mentioned earlier, can cause more inconsistencies, and increase the loss. Nightfalls denote the need to regularize life, pay attention towards self, and not let it happen. If nightfalls also don’t happen[42] or if the mind still remains bothered then the best option is to go to a guide. A guide can be a religious guru, a spiritual guru, a family doctor, or a knowledgeable and trustworthy person (father, friend, teacher, etc.), but not someone who may recommend masturbation. An open discussion itself with such person can bring all mental distress at rest, and bring renewed confidence along with the needed peace in mind.

Initially, a person may not realize such ‘stages’ in the body, but with self-assessments, eventually one will start understanding it, then he will be more in his own control, which will also help him be in control in all types of situations in life. With this practice, a person then starts going to upper echelon where there are different and better ways and without letting semen go out of the body. That is, by ‘purifying the semen’ within the body. If one has a guru, it’s even easier as guru[43] knows and understands the person properly, and then channelizes the person’s energies in the right direction, and helps him purify his thought process, and brings peace in mind.

When a person reaches at such stage where he does not need to ejaculate but rather knows how to purify and re-balance everything within his mind and body, then his strengths start growing exponentially. Such person can get abilities that can’t even be explained, but can only be felt by the person having it and those who are at the same or higher echelon.

Don’t worry, a person not masturbating at all is not going to have energy explosion within the body. In fact, he will be perfectly normal[44] and proper channelization of energy makes him better than and ahead of others. Such a person will feel enhanced mind and body as compared to the days of masturbations.

Masturbation may be considered abnormal and harmful by many sciences, but none of the medical or other sciences say not masturbating as abnormal or unhealthy. A person who follows proper guidelines mentioned in this and similar books should be able to do very well in life. A guru is not a must-have but good to have, who can guide in the right direction in every aspect of life.
If mind is at peace, all goes well and without the need to ejaculate.


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Let’s begin with how semen retention can help improve your self-confidence and self-esteem.
You might have heard that most of your sexual pleasure happens in your brain. It’s true; your brain is highly involved in the process. Each time you ejaculate, your brain gives you a shot of dopamine. That’s the brain’s feel-good neurochemical that is associated with feelings of pleasure. In reality, dopamine doesn’t make you feel good, per se. It’s only a messenger. It’s what’s called a neurotransmitter that sends messages between nerve cells.

Dopamine is part of the Catecholamine family of chemicals, and it runs along dopamine pathways in parts of the brain associated with reward-motivated behavior. That means that when you perceive the possibility of a particular reward for any kind of behavior, your brain produces dopamine along these pathways. The dopamine itself doesn’t give you pleasure.

Instead, it motivates you to take actions that will result in a pleasurable outcome.
Dopamine is transmitted from one nerve cell to another by jumping a gap known as a synapse. On the other side of the synapse is a landing pad known as a receptor, but excessive dopamine production can harm the receptor sites. When that happens, the dopamine can’t jump that gap, and your dopamine levels drop as a result.

Low levels of dopamine are associated with low levels of self-confidence as well as diminished levels of motivation and willpower. Reduced dopamine compounds low self-confidence since it’s exponentially more difficult to become confident without motivation.

When you conserve your semen and redirect your sexual energy, you’re actually boosting your dopamine levels by not firing it in your brain constantly, and your confidence increases as a result.


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B12 is a crucial vitamin for your semen. It has numerous beneficial effects on the quality of your sperm. It also increases the functionality of your reproductive organs in general.
Specifically, it decreases the toxicity of homocysteine, which is a type of amino acid; it reduces the levels of nitric oxide; it decreases the oxidative damage done to sperm; and it also decreases the impairment of sperm caused by inflammation. It’s contained within your sperm and it is crucial for their stamina. It also helps your body to transform the food you eat into energy that your cells can use.

Moreover, it helps keep blood and nerve cells strong and prevents a type of anemia that can cause fatigue. When you ejaculate, you lose vitamin B12, and that can make you feel exhausted.

Abstaining from ejaculation means you don’t lose the B12 found in sperm, and you also boost your testosterone levels. In fact, semen retention boosts your testosterone levels by a whopping 45 percent, although it will drop back to normal levels after a few days. High testosterone, like B12, is linked to higher energy levels. Low testosterone causes fatigue, erectile dysfunction and a loss of interest in even having sex.


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Because masturbation stimulates the pleasure and reward centers in the brain, it can create a sensation similar to addiction. That obsessive craving can undermine your willpower and self-control. By refraining from ejaculation, you can make yourself stronger, and you can enhance your self-control. When you have an improved sense of self-control, you also feel more confident in your ability to tackle whatever life throws your way. It’s a virtuous circle.


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When you’re focused on your sexual desires, whether in the form of self-pleasuring or sex with a partner, it can impair your mental clarity and memory. Remember that phosphorus and zinc are major components of semen, which also keep your brain healthy and sharp. Withholding your semen can increase the power of your memory by retaining these essential nutrients.