20 Something Reboot


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Appreciate the checkup message king! Not too bad, still trying to regain the discipline and work ethic that I lost after the tonsillitis ruined my daily structure. Grateful for the hard work however! How are you and the boys doing?
I'm sure you'll get back into the swing of things man. Life isn't perfect and sometimes we miss a beat here and there but the key is to have hope for the future and get back up and resume. Something can always stop you temporarily but NOTHING can stop you for more than that. Keep crushing it my dude


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I definitely need to sleep better, I think it's holding me back for sure. I've spoke to the lady I'm seeing and we're gonna see each other less so I can concentrate whole heartedly on myself and my business (and my sleep)

Also, happy 6 months of no MO! (Im a bit late but it will do)

Keep fighting the good fight gentlemen!

Day 127 meditation
Day 126 cold shower
Day 186 no MO
Day 586 no porn