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Forget blaming it on "evil." Just start again without making a fuss. What will you do differently next time?
Day 1

One thing that I'm doing differently is that I've decided to forego watching youtube while I eat. What I'm trying to accomplish more broadly with that is to unplug from the internet; spend less time surfing the web. Get more control over my time.

Other little things that have helped just today were self-checks, cooking, walking, etc. Anything to actively fight or subvert the urge.

And lastly, on the whole "choosing evil" statement: I'm not blaming the "evil" as if it were some outside force, I'm saying I made a morally bad choice on impulse. Recognizing that is part of how I grieve the failure so that I can start again fresh. Contrition is an important step for me; you don't have to be like me in that, but I ask for your understanding nonetheless.