Finally sick and tired of being sick and tired

Day 24. Just wanna say, this forum has helped me so much. People like @Blondie @Ezel @Recovery Will Come and others have inspired and made me better. I'm almost a month free of this awful problem. Thank you @Gabe Deem for all you do. I feel myself coming back together more and more each day. I appreciate all of you, and your stories. I hope one day, I can help someone struggling with this problem like you all have helped me.


Today was great. I've always struggled with stress and anxiety. But today, I really focused on breathing deeply and letting go and not allowing stress to get me. It worked. Tonight I'm calm and relaxed and just at peace. You don't realize, how awful stress and anxiety make you feel until you have a day without it. Almost a month porn free. I just can't believe it.
Nice job!!. You are doing great.
[After 28 days and 2 days until one month]

Anxiety and stress: More manageable

Workouts: Better and I can workout harder than I could when I was PMOing

Music: sounds better and I'm more connected to the lyrics.

Friendships: Deeper and more meaningful.

Sleep: Definitely better and deeper. I don't wake up feeling awful like I did before.

Energy: much better and higher than it was before. Now I'm motivated to get the day going and to conquer whatever task is in front of me.

Happiness: Absolutely so much happier. I can't even explain how free I feel. I'm truly rediscovering myself again. I get joy out of the most random stuff now.

This is just after 28 days, and today was my best one yet. I can only imagine what 60 or 90 or even 200 days porn free is going to feel like. If you stumble across this, and you need some reassurance or motivation, please know that you can feel how I feel today as well. You can be free and clean of this problem. No matter how many relapses you've had, this problem is beatable. It can be fixed. Just wanted to update you all on my progress. Thank you to all of you who have supported me. Can't wait for tomorrow and the future.