Holding the Fool (me) to Account


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When I had the "perfect" collection of porn it wasn't enough. I couldn't have a bit here and there like good chocolate.
No. I binged until I felt gross. I lost the connection to my wife. I MO'd way too much to feel good.

I always think it could be just like having a bit of chocolate once in a while but when I go down that road it never is. It's always like eating ice cream until you want to puke.

So no regrets about losing the perfect collection. What I may think it gives me is not actually what it ever DID give me. Never. And next time wouldn't be any different.

Day 8
Rereading this post today. I need to. Because I'm starting to forget and just visited the wrong site for a few minutes.

Day 38
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I've just figured out why I have carpal tunnel in my left thumb and wrist... I won't spell it out - but repetitive motions over the course of 30 years will do it.

It's been bothering me ever since my boy wants to go mountain biking all the time.

I'm very proud of my physical well-being and strength, so this is a bit shocking to me.