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Day 147 no pmo - 21 weeks
Day 0 no mo
Day 5 no tv

Yeah, the no TV number is impressive. Is there no screen time?
Thanks! Screen time is ok but I don't play video games, only use social media for work, and am not watching tv, minimal youtube (pretty much just using it for educational stuff or watching reviews).... so there isn't much purpose for screen time. Books and audiobooks have been my source of entertainment.
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Day 156 no pmo
Day 3 no mo
Day 14 no tv

Well I was traveling this week so I didn’t get to update much. Thursday was 5 months clean, Friday was 22 weeks. I hope everybody has a wonderful porn free holiday.

Thanks @Blondie


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Day 157 no pmo
Day 4 no mo
Day 15 no tv

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas from your English pal.
To you as well, I am glad to know that you consider me your pal, despite my best efforts to insult your English ways. I read that you were in Chicago recently, I hope that went well, I hope some time with your wife in the hotel did some good for both of you… and did you get to try deep dish pizza while you were there? It’s on my to do list - it looks wonderful.