Let's call it "the final thread"

new reality

Definitely keep a list of real life activities or friends to call on the weekend. 👍

Sunday in specific can be a pain.. although not always. At other times, it's been Friday or Saturday night, or even Monday to Wednesday.

It's not just from not being "busy", it can be the associations we may have with certain times. If we think we should be socially fulfilled at certain times, and we're not, that can lead to trouble. If we're simply unhappy midweek, despite being "busy", that can lead to trouble too.

Anyway. Currently a little unhappy about certain things, but this too shall pass!

new reality

Messing up a bit lately, after a decent 12-day streak. Usually I've been getting back on track quickly after resets, but not so much this week. I've been a bit down due to mood swings and some interpersonal stress. Feeling a lack of motivation and so on.


Yes, problems seem to become cumulative rather quickly if you don't double down on your recovery. Annoying. :cool: