The Phoenix

Day 1
I´m starting a new thread, with new hope, new rules. Today was a good day, it´s day 1 of the new me and been completely clean. I will have more social control starting tomorrow so that will help, too. I follow dr Huberman´s daily routine to help myself focus and will add more insight where possible and needed.

Dr Huberman´s routine:

A great video about balance and neurology, that helps motivating you to use techniques like cold showers and sports:
Day 2
Just doing a check-in. Everything going great. I´m happy with having social ´supervision´ now so I can´t relapse. Had an O today, with my girl, so that´s completely within my rules of being an honest partner.
Let´s continue!
Day 4
Thank you for the warning. I´m still under control for the moment and with enough supervision, I can´t chase.
I still focus on the scientific explanation that pleasure leads to pain and pain leads to pleasure. So I´m doing my cold showers and fitness. Especially the cold showers give a nice long-term dopamine increase without creating addiction (which happens with short spikes of dopamine). Yoga nidra, breathing techniques and sunlight exposure also help.