Rebooting trough self-parenting


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Recently relapsed. Did manage around 2 months P free. Not 100% sure why I relapsed. But I did identify.

1. At the time temporarily valued more using P than staying away from P. My value system is skewed by decades of P use.
2. I lost the motivation. What is the point of staying away from P?
3. FOMO. I want to PMO some more before stopping forever.
4. Some messed up beliefs in the subconscious from decades of P use. There is conflict in the belief system. I am conflicted.

I think at the end of the day. I can just focus on re-valuing P. Does P add more value to my life or less value? Am I better of doing P or not doing P? If I am 100% honest with myself and 100% authentic with myself. This question alone about value should be enough to stay away from P.

Here I go again. The last time I PMOd is Oct 5th. Easy to remember. 10/5.

I also need to do noFap. I feel like it would be very beneficial for the body to abstain from masturbation for a little while.

Onwards and upwards


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Maybe frame it as a lapse rather than a relapse. You identified a lot and I think a relapse is more when you are stuck in it for a longer period of time?
Just my 2 cents.
Hope you are still doing well.


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I feel like we are fundamentally doing something wrong. Quitting P should be easy? Why is it not?

Our brains can make up excuses to use P? Stuff like. Oh, just take a peek. Oh, it will be the last time, etc. Why not come up with some answers why quitting P is easy?

Brain come up answers why quitting P is easy.

I relapse a few days ago. I'll be in my lab. I made some process as the 2 month run was quite easy until I tripped over myself.

Good luck everyone. Keep on walking.

Onwards and upwards