My journey to be a better man.


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Doing well @guitar1968 . It’s a long road back but it’s the road in front of you. Don’t take the fork to the left. I don’t know how many days/months you are clean, but along the way there are things to trip you up. It’s all designed to make you fail in your mission. You get to decide what to do, no one else. But know this: you inspire me, and you are one of the reasons I succeed. So thanks.

When you start to feel real change, maybe you’re there already, focus on who you have become and compare him to the guitar68 you were before. Which one do you like more?


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Struggling a bit to stay clean. I think the situation at home drives a lot of it. I get this annoyed attitude because my wife won't have sex with me any longer and I just start thinking screw, what's the point. I know that is not the way to handle it, but I'm human. I have to fight it. If I could walk away from my marriage now without hurting my wife and daughter I most likely would. I just can't do that to them. Especially to my daughter. So for now, I just want to get along with my wife because I'm tired of fighting. Maybe when my daughter heads off to college we can figure out our own shit. One way or another. Stay, go.... who knows.

The struggle is real. It comes and goes for sure, but it is hard.


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I'm sorry as well for the rough patch you are going through these days. I don't have any good advice on hand, but I sympathize with your situation. I see some of that reflected somewhat in a family member who seems to have gone the route of sticking to the marriage in spite of the negatives. There's no right/wrong answer here.. the decision has to be genuinely felt. So if time is what it takes, then that will dictate the timing of a decision one way or another. As for your concern for the happiness of your wife and daughter, that is very noble indeed to place them before your own needs. Either way, whatever choice you end up making in future, it is my impression that children eventually grow to understand and forgive 'difficult' marital decisions, perhaps more than we might assume from the outset.
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