Finally, I'm doing this…


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I've been there man, I know how it feels. Like you want to stop but yet in the same breath you don't. Your mind is divided, pulling you in two opposite directions at once, like a man being quartered in the dark ages. It's not a pretty place to be in, but yet we've all been there, and we all CAN get through it, but you have to believe it first. Think of all the positives, and how good it feels to be free from this shit. Focus on some goal besides momentary pleasure. If you don't have any, make one right now and stick with it for even just one day! Whatever you do, don't be hard on yourself, because you're the only guy who can get you out of this mess

You can do this @Ezel, so get your ego out of the equation, if it's telling you something like it doesn't matter now. or You "use" to be "good" and an "inspiration" at RN, and now you're "not". Tell it to shut up! That's just not how it works, you're only human and this porn shit is utterly unhuman. You're a good man who just fell off the horse, no big deal.

Cry if you must. Shed a few tears if you have to, then get back up and keep on riding.

Love you



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day 1, no po, no mo (monk mode).

obviously, this isn't working, I don't mean the reboot. but all the latest streaks I had cuz they all are short and weren't really the monk mode that I always had my longest streaks with.

i was very sloppy and i would spend the entire time on youtube whenever i had time to be on my phone, the craziest thing is the barrier between youtube and pornhub is fading away by the day. this filth i can tell is the most vicious ultimate weapon of the devil. how it can imprison your soul and get you hocked is complete evil. but all this won't be possible without your consent, After all you are a human being, the only creature with free will.

if i had the power to snap my fingers and eradicate one thing from this universe it would be porn and all that comes with it.

Brother @Ezel we need you.

Don't hide in the shadows.
Blondie i can't say how much i appreciate you brother, much love my friend.

here we go again, pray for me brother.



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Keep this track, Man

I will repeat what works for me

* Cut screen time.

I turn off all devices at night, one hour after sleep and one hour before sleep. At tough times I add to it one hour at midday. You've already written that viewing seemingly non addictive videos easily lead to relapse these days. So don't hang there.

* Go social.

Every day be with other people around. Talk with your friends/relatives about some little things or just be among some people in the park or on the street around you.

* Set reboot as your number one goal.

All other goals should be subordinate. If something gets in the way – correct or triage it. I considered a reboot even more important than an interview for a big IT company and was cautious not to over-stress myself with preparation.


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It's okay @Ezel. When we fall sometimes it's real hard to get back up. Or as they say, it's hard to paddle a boat with one foot on the shore. I know for myself yesterday that was my case. I wanted to be "free" but I didn't want to make the sacrifices to get there, thus, my struggles. Of course, we only tell ourselves it's a "sacrifice" to be clean, but in fact it's the other way around, not being clean is the sacrifice.

Keep getting back up brother, that's all you can do.

Much love


I relapsed man. It seems to me that I'm stuck in the 7 days streak. My overall health is not okay. I don't workout anymore. My focus Is zero. I forget things a lot. I don't even hear properly. And it's all because of this Filth. That I know for sure...
What can you do to start working out again? Exercise seems to be one of the most potent ways of staying clear.


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What was the precursor of the relapse? How did you spend the day before?

If you know in advance that 7th day is your weak point, then, possibly, you can be more prepared.

From my experience it's useful to fix characteristic features/times of relapse. In my case that was lonely weekends and Friday night especially.

For example, arrange in advance the training with a partner just at the 7th day. Or just collaborative going to a park/cinema (beware of triggers!).