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Day 36, no po, no mo.

So yesterday I had the second wet dream in this 1+ month of reboot.

What i can remember from the dream is, i was making out with this girl. I didn't even penetrate her, we were just kissing and getting intimate, that's all.

soon after I woke up and realized it was just a dream, and my penis was about to ejaculate, i had to stop it by pressing the muscle below the penis.

Then I went back to sleep.

I’m fine with ejaculating because of a wet dream, as long as ejaculating doesn’t include porn or masturbating without a partner doing it for me.

With that said, why did I stop then ??

Yesterday I was fasting(no food, no sex for 14 hours/day), that's why.

With Ramadan just one month away, I have to start practicing for it, that’s what Muslims do (I'm Muslim btw).

The day went easy, I didn’t have many urges, even if I did I just ignored them like always.

Also, fasting helps me with exercising my free will muscle, i could have eaten something when no one was looking, but i didn’t, that’s what fasting is all about.

Even today while I’m not fasting( I had breakfast when i woke up), I’m still fasting from porn and sex in general. Till I get my junkie brain to unwire from those old pathways of porn consumption that are still lurking around in my brain.

I will keep fasting (abstaining) from it, As long as it would take to leave this porn behind.

Just hurry my dear brain and unwire and start to rewire, you have no place to escape from me lol….

For you out there, you have to tell your brain, where you want to go and how you want to get there, stop being a wuss and man the fuck up…

Stay strong fellas…


I didn't know that we can stop ejaculate, but I didn't understand how you did it, can you please explain how? Thank you and keep it up!


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For you...


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I didn't know that we can stop ejaculate, but I didn't understand how you did it, can you please explain how?
It wasn't me who was asked, yet I will share my experience.

Wet dream is likely the result of the 'porn in your head'. If you stop viewing, your brain with its old neural pathways will still tend to the old habit and helpfully reproduce the sexual pictures. So one should be aware of fantasizing before sleep (mainly) and during the day also. Catch yourself fantasizing, staring at a woman and parts of her body for too long.

@Ezel Keep going, mate

One day is a Time
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You're in the right direction. It was my goal (not final one of course) to stay clean till the New Year and both of us have successfully gone to this day.
Good job, Partner!

One day is a Time

Phineas 808

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Hope all is well, Ezel? You're doing great regardless of any obstacles or setbacks. No matter where one may be with this thing, always seek for deeper and deeper insights into yourself, a greater understanding, a greater compassion. Everything you need to overcome in this area is inside of you, brother!

Be well.