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Happy new year to everyone!

I’m a little over a month in now, and feeling great about it! Have been away from the girl I’m seeing for almost two weeks, and noticing noticing small urges appear here and there. Like an easy way out, a quick gratification, a way to ease the longing. I’m saying no to it, because I know what I’m waiting for is infinitely better than anything I can see on a screen. In fact, succumbing to those urges will sabotage my happiness in the future. I’m entering a relationship that I’m getting more and more excited about every day. Will be aiming for a porn free 2023!


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Hey @Beautiful1973, thanks for checking in!

I’ve been doing good, the first couple of weeks after treatment my mood was incredibly good, and I was able to make some changes to my life, I could definitely notice the treatment having a positive effect. I’m considering going back for more treatments, but it’s so expensive I have to think about it.

The most pronounced changes to mood and energy kind of disappeared after a while, but it’s expected not to feel over the moon constantly. Things go up and down like everything else, the most import lesson for me was to accept the bad days for what they are and not blame myself for anything that might go wrong.

Just curious, is there a specific journal here you are referring to? Might be interested to read.


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So pleased your doing well😊

Here’s the journal I saw: