Honoring the Ultimatum

Day 49. She has to take her much much much beloved pet bunny rabbit to the vet today, so I really need to be there for her. The bunny isn't ill (thank God, I love the bunny too) she is getting an imunization. But, there is a 1% chance she could have an adverse reaction to the vaccine, and Shawna is literally worried sick. How is this relevant to this forum? This goes beyond sex and or porn addiction. I have to be there for her in any and all circumstances which trouble her heart. She needs to feel loved and protected.
Persevere Brethren and Sistren.
Day 52. My dad was an alchy. Binge drinker. Might stay sober for 7 or 8 months, but then a "trigger" would occur and he would be drunk for a month. Then, he'd sober up and may not drink again for another 6 months. Anything could be a trigger. A negative occurrence, regardless of how slight, could be the pebble that fell and started the boulder rolling. He could do enough damage in that one month of drunkeness to negate most of the good he did in the sober months. But he was still a good guy, just a good guy with BIG problems.....
I thank God that I can (thus far) encounter a trigger with the "meh" attitude. I really don't have much of an impulse to act out anymore. I also thank God that there are a ton of resources out there now for managing addiction than what was available in my dad's day.
Persevere Brethren and Sistren
Day 53. Still $999,900.00 short of being a millionaire, but I'm 53 days porn free, I have a loving wife, a brood of step children, a roof over my head, a baloney sandwich available and a new bottle of vape juice. Had a dream last night about my wife that catered to my fetish mentality, woke up, still "meh". Not that my wife is meh, she's a hottie, my temptation to act out is meh. Now my subconscious mind is trying the sabotage me. Meh.... Sorry sleep demons, I won't budge...
Persevere Brethren and Sistren...


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Nearly 60 days. Amazing job. Do you feel your brain changing? Do you feel the neural pathways closing up? I think one can physically tell the difference to yourself. I found that truly inspiring. When you realise your brain can’t beat you, that feeling is SO powerful.

Keep going. Never give up.