my journey, 25, male, PMO since ~11, 100% ED, done with this shit forever, it did enough harm


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Day 263

the more it is in the past the more i realize how much of an overload of unneeded stimuli this filth is. we are literally talking about pixels on a screen that literally kill our brain cells. it is that simple and primitive and it will always stay this simple and primitive.
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Day 269

Life is about long term satisfction. The one who is able to abstain drugs, porn, tik tok etc and focus on healthy sustainable things in life will be the one that is in the end happier. Thats what i believe


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Day 271

I want to share the greatest video about this topic (PIED) that has yet been published. Its from the savior himself Gary Wilson. Its nearly 10 years old but still as current and important as it could be. I watched this video maybe 15 times and i am still learning a new thing each time. This video is so incredible important as it shows all the science behind this addiction. The cravings, the dopamine, the dysfuctions that are caused by P. Without this knowdlodge i would maybe be still in the P circle of suck. I can only recommend everyone that has PIED to study this one:

have a great day my friends


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Day 272

My sexuality is like a language. You learn it fast and easy as a child. But you need to learn the correct language, that the people you love understand. I learned a language that no one understands but me. I now need to learn a new language. It surely isnt as easy as the mother tongue but it is possible. The brain is plastic.

One step at a time.


Well said. Sexual tastes are easily conditioned to particular cues at the outset. But it needs patience to re-calibrate it later on.

You're getting there.