my journey, 25, male, PMO since ~11, 100% ED, done with this shit forever, it did enough harm


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Day 222

What does porn and a parasitic cuckoo egg have in common? Actually a lot. They are both supernormal stimuli that can "feel better" than the natural normal stimuli/egg but will hurt us badly in the long run.

A normal egg is replaced by a parasitic cuckoo egg by the invasive cuckoo mother. It removes one of the normal original eggs from the host mother. When the host mother returns, the host mother thinkgs "oh what is this super big egg that looks the same color like mine but its so big". This must be a "super baby" an evolutionary jackpot to get such a strong and big child. As soon as this cuckoo hatches, it removes the other natural eggs and even babys if they hatched at the same time from the nest. So that the host mother is fully focusing on the cuckoo. Its like our original natural sexual tastes that fade away from the supernormal stimuli that is porn.



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Day 223

I have a very good friend that i now know for 10+ years that i actually met through playing games online.

We actually had a talk about porn because we talked about him being sober from cigarettes for 2+ years and i told him im sober from porn.

He is in his 30s and has no gf since he was like 15 but also has no interest becasue he has 0 sexual interest in it.

He is using porn regulary. We talked about how porn could actually be a reason for that. He is very reflective and agreed that it most likely has something to do with it at the least.

Still he thinks that its okay this way, he doesnt miss a gf and has no feeling to get one which is perfectly fine. I did not argue with him. Its his right to live how he wants. I was not judging him for anything.

Still it is interesting to see how porn has impact on young men. literally everyone that uses it has, is not completely untouched from its impacts in todays world. Most just dont know where it comes from (porn) and even if, often dont see a problem in it.


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Nice job taking about this to him @swimmer97. You're right too, it is a decision that someone has to make on their own, and giving off some kind of judging vibe really won't work to persuade anyone. Nicely played.

Yes, it's totally crazy just thinking of the impact porn has on young men and how little they may even realize it. Sad truth indeed.


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Day 224

just has a cold shower. Put the trigger on Maximum coldness. No excuses. No starting with warm or shit like that. Maximum coldness and go for it.

Now i lay in bed and feel absolutely amazing. Feeling of relaxed muscels. Feeling of very cozy bed. Feeling of having done something healthy (no idea if it actually is lol).

Now compare this to a classic "session" like back in the days. Some seconds of pleasure for feeling awful afterwards. Post nut clarity. Feeling like shit. Feeling failed. I can go on. You get my point.

Its worth going to the short term pain for long term satisfaction. Other way is not worth


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Day 232

I conditioned my sexuality in multiple unhealthy ways. I think flatline is nothing else than the state that one has when no sexual arousal accurs due to the sexual arousal being fully trained to artificial stimuli. I need to discover, learn, develop enhance my ver very slight arousal i can get from real life touch, smell and love from real females. Its a small, steep, stony, tough path but its the only path that leads to fulfillment.


Believe it!! It’s all you brother. Excellent job on 235 days! You’ve got this in the bag. Keep up the good work!


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Day 238

I want to share the following "Panic Button" Thread from a nofap redditor:

Hi guys,

I'm not sure if this will be useful for you or not but it's what I'm going to turn to when I'm feeling the temptations, so here goes. I guess it's a sort of inner dialogue that I have with myself.

~ Rules:

If you can read to the end of this and still want to fap then go ahead. If at any time you feel the urge has subsided then feel free to stop and continue on with your life. If it comes back then you must start again from the beginning.


  1. Take your fucking hand out of your pants right now. Touch yourself again before reading all of this and you're a fucking failure.
  2. Get rid of that big mofo down below. Hold your breath, flex your quads, whatever its takes.
  3. Play your favourite song.
  4. Take 10 deep breaths and relax, then repeat after me 10 times:
"I do not edge, I do not masturbate, I do not watch porn. I am stronger than this. I WILL ABSTAIN FROM PMO."

Now that you're thinking clearly, keep the following in mind. You can stop whenever you think you're ready.

Your brain will try to rationalise anything to get what it wants. ANYTHING. This isn't you, your brain wants dopamine. You are more than that though, you are more than chemicals and hormones, you are mind over matter. Prove you have the self control, prove your better than this.

If you give up, you're giving up everything. The ADHD, procrastination, depression and social anxiety will return.

You're giving up your chances with that girl you like, your increased energy levels, your deeper voice, your confidence, your work ethic, your habits, your willpower, your clear skin, your self respect, your appreciation of life, your happiness.

Life's too short. I don't know whether or not there is an afterlife, nobody truly does. I really hope there is but I don't think I believe personally. I envy those with so much faith. Assuming there isn't, just think about what that means. Consider the facts, the earth is 4 billion odd years old, and you'll probably exist for less than 100 years. You were nothing, non-existent for an eternity before you were born, and when you die you will return to that non existent state for another eternity. If that doesn't motivate you to go out there and life every day like it was your last I don't know what will. Make the most of your life, you don't have very long. Please watch this:

If you fap you're just becoming numb, non-existent. Why on earth would you waste another second PMOing when you could be out experiencing life, connecting with the ones you love, learning, travelling, bettering yourself, building something meaningful, living your life.

I know it's not easy,.. actually fuck it, it IS easy you've got to stop looking for excuses and just make that conscious decision to not fap. When you take a step back and look at your motivations to do NoFap it's simple.

Now close this, go out there and experience life.

Still reading? Start again from the start.

Still want to fap?

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. If you truly want to throw away your life for a quick dopamine rush and a lifetime of regret, be my guest. You're pathetic.

Prove to me otherwise.

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