my journey, 25, male, PMO since ~11, 100% ED, done with this shit forever, it did enough harm


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Day 152 no PMO

Went to the doc today just out of curiosity regarding this topic.

The doc was "younger" doc, a woman in her 30s id say. To my suprise she is currently educating herself in terms of sextherapy. She finds my case interesting and said she had other young guys before me with the similiar cases. She made a 1 hour appointment end of this months with me.

I am very curious about this. I wonder what she got in store. I would say that i am pretty educated on this topic by now.

I just hope that she isnt weird or someone "pro porn". I will see and keep you updated.


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Day 160 no PMO

Regarding Rewiring:

I currently have "soft" sex with my girlfriend. No penetration or orgasm yet. I would lie if i said I am super horny while doing it but i get more frequent + more stable boners while at the act. Dont get me wrong, i still really enjoy it for the touch, the love the closeness.

Just my horniness (libido for sex) is still missing. But i take it easy. I will soon orgasm with her by a handjob or maybe penetration (if it works?) for the first time in 160days and then i will see if my libido returns with the chaser or if i need more time.

Lets keep going.


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Day 165 no PMO

Had somehwat sex yesterday with my GF. I really enjoy cuddling wiht her naked. I am not super horny but still my body is reacting. I sometimes get a small erection or even a full one. When putting a condom or when there is a pause i can loose it. I had somewhat succesfull penetration for some seconds but i lost the erection again. Its getting better tho.

I still did not O yet. I asked her if she can get me a handjob next time we meet. She of course agreed. i keep you guys updated


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Day 171 no PM

I had an orgasm. I had one in the best and only way i want to have orgasm for the rest of my life. With my amazing gf.

I was able to climaxe while penetration. It felt amazing.

Still its not all perfect yet, i was actually using viagra. I know its not the ideal way but i wanted to also give her and me some type of relieve. I used it as a kickstart. I of course dont see it as a solution or as something i want to depend on.

I always get erections from cuddling but when getting naked i loose it or i get only a slight one. With the viagra i was able to sustain the erection that i always get from cuddling.

My arousal level is still somewhat low i would say. Maybe 10-20%. But its getting slowly better. At least i think/hope so.

Abstaining is a very important part of rebooting. to get back some type of sensitivty. But at some point i realize that the most important and biggest part of recovery is to learn playing the "correct sport".

Expecially for people like me that never had real experiences in their teenage years, only learned and conditioned to have sex with a screen and unfortunately, also escalated to weird shit that actually has in the end nothing to do with normal sex.
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